Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun

When I'm reincarnated (and I'm pretty sure I will be because the lesson of "patience" is still not quite sticking) I want to come back as one of my children... you know, when I'm not acting like a screaming banshee at them.  Because, seriously, my kids have a good life.  Let's just look at this past weekend.

On Saturday, we went to the Yellow Balloon Fair (a fair put on by a local preschool that has been happening for something like 30 years). 

There wasn't much for Chloe there (although she did enjoy hanging out in the play spaces and watching all the other kids) but there was a lot of fun stuff for Evan.  He got a yellow balloon (surprise), a lollipop, found buried treasure, rode a pony for the first time:

And... there was a bouncy house.  That was the first place we went when we got to the fair.  It was early enough that they weren't yet following any "rules" so Evan was able to play inside, run around, and not have a time limit.  Here's a video:

At the end you hear me getting kind of stern... that's because he was body-checking people in the bouncy house.  And my tone of voice didn't even slow him down. 

Then we came back to the bouncy house before we left for the day.  By then it was busy and they were only letting in about 5 kids at a time and they had a time limit of 4 minutes per group.  We waited in line and when it was Evan's turn it began to rain a little.  I took Chloe back to the car and Brian waited for Evan to get his turn.  Chloe and I played hide and seek in the car until I saw Brian walking down towards me with Evan wrapped in his arms.  Brian didn't look too happy.  Turns out that to alert the children that their time is up the people in charge blow a whistle.  When this happens the children get out of the bouncy house and the next group of children go in... that is, all the children get out of the bouncy house except for Evan.  He saw this as an opportunity to play in the bouncy all by himself and was running around like a mad man.  Eventually Brian had to go in and physically get him out as he screamed, "No Daddy... no."

On Sunday we then went to a park recommended by our next door neighbor (Hadley's Park).  Apparently it was built by a family whose children were physically handicapped.  This means the entire park is a foam surface and wheelchair friendly.  It also means it is awesome for a little girl just learning to walk and a little boy who is a complete daredevil.

Here is the fun they had on Sunday:

Evan and Daddy playing on a bridge.  Evan would run across as fast as he could - he did this about 10,000 times.

Here's it in live action:

Chloe watching Evan run again and again and again across the bridge.

Chloe, closely watched by Daddy, crawling towards a slide after she just crawled up 8 stairs and over a bridge to get to the slide.  She did this about 5,000 times... not yet as active as her brother.

Chloe being as cute as they come. She was in the "hull" of a ship banging on a treasure chest that you can't see. 

Evan also slid along this thing all by himself. I can not explain the situation so thankfully I have a video:

And then, right before we left, Evan spotted a man and a soccer ball.  Turns out this guy was setting up to play with 5 & 6 year olds but they didn't show.  So Evan mosied on over and the guy started coaching Evan.  The guy claims that Evan is a natural (he gets all his soccer talent from mommy) and Evan went up and down the "field" scoring goals.  I was holding Chloe who was squirming to get down the entire time.

Thankfully Evan went to school this morning because I need to recover from our weekend.  Although Chloe is teething and in the middle of a growth spurt (I'm making this consumption based on all the food she is consuming and demanding) and has been a bit of a cranky pants most of today - only sleeping for a total hour so far.  Maybe I'll get to recover tonight... after they fall asleep and before Evan wants to crawl into our bed.  But his new sleeping habits (new to when we moved to MD) are a whole different story and one I will tell when I actually get a good night's sleep again.

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