Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why You Don't Give a Toddler Your iPhone

This was going to be a post about Easter.  I was going to tell you how nice it is to live close enough to family that you can drive to see them on a holiday for which you normally wouldn't travel.  I was going to share with you tons of photos of Evan, Chloe, and their cousins all playing together.

I was going to tell you how much Evan loves his cousins (Chloe too, but at her age she loves attention from anyone).  How once he sees his cousins I no longer exist.  He follows them wherever they go, tries to do whatever they are doing, and I think he would move in with them if my sister would let him. 

I was going to share with you how seeing Evan with his cousins makes me remember my Connecticut cousins*.  How when my mom said we were going to visit my Uncle Tom the only thing I could think about was playing with my cousins.  When I remember those visits my parents are not in my memory.  I remember playing in the pool with my cousins, I remember going on a double date (I was the 5th wheel) to a drive-in movie theater with two of my cousins (and I believe one of the dates married my cousin Suzy), and I remember going to Dairy Queen because someone was always working there.  But I can't tell you if my parents were even there or if they just dropped us off.  And I hope that Evan has the same memories some day.

I was even going to use this post to tell you about my amazing nieces and nephew.  How my sister, and her husband of course, have raised children that I'm more than happy for Evan to emulate (well, maybe not all the daredevil things my nephew does).  My nieces and nephew are the type of people that you want as friends for your children.  They are smart, kind, active, and interesting children.  It was sad for me when I thought that Evan and Chloe wouldn't be able to spend as much time with their cousins as I did with mine.

But, I can't tell you all of these things in this post.  See, yesterday Chloe was scarfing down scrambled egg and I wanted to take a picture of her face and clothes all covered with egg.  I grabbed my iPhone and went to turn on my camera app.  However, the icon wasn't there.  I looked all over my phone and couldn't find it.  The only explanation I could think of was that Evan, who always plays on my phone - his games, videos, and pictures - accidentally deleted the icon (which apparently is difficult to do). 

I remembered that my husband had backed up my phone a couple of weeks ago so I knew I could restore it.  So I plugged it in and restored it.  The camera app re-appeared.  Then, last night, I went to write a post about Easter and all of my pictures were gone... everything from the last two weeks.  Turns out that when you restore your phone you restore EVERYTHING so that it looks exactly like it did 2 weeks ago.  I'm sure for some people this is a "duh" but I didn't really think this through.

So, all I have from our weekend are 2 photos that I took with my iPhone then emailed (and made the resolution smaller) to my in-laws of Evan and Chloe at Easter.  Enjoy... and be careful when you let a toddler play with your iPhone (or make sure you are backing up into the cloud like I'm doing now).

Chloe in her Easter best (sadly, the bow did not last)

Evan in his Easter best (of course he is around musical instruments)

*I have awesome cousins in other places too... two even grew up in the same town as me.  But my Connecticut cousins were special because I only got to see them every once in a while.  The same way that I LOVE pumpkin pie but probably wouldn't love it so much if I ate it more often than Thanksgiving.

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