Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Girl vs. The Climbing Thing

I know you are going to be completely shocked by this, but this morning we went to the park.  I know, who would have thunk it?  And recently, since the weather is starting to get warmer and since Chloe is starting to get more independent, I allow her to roam the parks with supervision.
At the park we went to today (dubbed the "close park" because it is right down the street) there is a really cool climbing octagon.  When we first moved here it was something Evan felt he needed to conquer.  He does a pretty good job of it now:

And little girl has been clearly watching her brother because she went right to it this morning:

She was "climbing" but she was jumping over those bars like an expert.  She wasn't even remotely scared of her brother coming down:

And in case you don't believe me that she was mobile around this climbing thing, check out this video:

After about 20 minutes of this I had to put a stop to it (mostly because Evan took off to another part of the park).  And it was time to go home so we could start the lunch dance.

While at the park it seemed like Chloe had definitely been the victor in the battle versus the climbing thing but on the way home the true winner was apparent:

Little girl was down for the count.  The climbing thing won.

It didn't beat Evan though:

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  1. Oh those cheeks! Love the sleeping Chloe picture.