Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The "Forgotten" One

So, recently quite a few people (namely Brian) have been nagging me that my blog is Evan-heavy and Chloe-light.  After I reminded this person these people, in a polite manner of course, that recently Evan has had some pretty big milestones he they said it still didn't make up for the absence of Chloe.  I even pointed out this post to this person these people to show how Chloe-heavy it was but he they didn't care.

Therefore, instead of being my usual snarky self (well, instead of being snarky on this blog) I have given in and am doing a "Chloe" post.  And, since it is a Chloe post I thought it would be best if Chloe narrated the pictures.  So Brian people, this should satisfy you for a few posts.

Mommy just asked me to narrate this blog thing for her so I can tell y'all what I'm thinking in these photograph thing-a-ma-bobs.  Mommy always seems to be pointing some machine at me that lights up and now it all makes sense.  Mostly I don't care but sometimes it's a pain in my tooshy... you'll see.

This was the first time mommy put me in my toy that she calls an exersaucer.  It was about a month ago.  I was only 3 months old but I was getting bored... I mean b-o-r-e-d with laying on my back and staring at the wall.  Thankfully Daddy went to bat for me and told Mommy that I can hold up my head and that I love to stand so it would be good for me.  Look a me, I'm not bored anymore.

And here I'm contemplating that pink thing you see.  The side the camera sees is dirty... but the side I'm looking at is clean.  I just don't understand how that thing can be dirty and then all the sudden clean.  There's a lot about this world that is just so confusing... the womb made so much more sense... sleep, eat, poop, float... that place was good.

In this picture, as you can see, I am completely confused.  You see, I'm laying down where there is usually a soft fuzzy thing-a-ma-jig (Mommy said something about my giant poopy making it dirty... whatever) and my diaper is getting changed.  But not this time... this time she started to point that machine at me again.

And then I thought - what the heck, I'll smile for the woman, she is working really hard.  But look at my face... I wonder if this is one of those nights where Mommy had some wine.  Those are my favorite nights.

Oh my goodness, I don't even remember my Mommy taking this picture.  I'm in a Bumbo... yeah, you head me right... a Bumbo.  I usually like to sit in between my Mommy's legs but I guess she felt I needed to be independent or something.  I mean, I was only 3 months old... I'm about as dependent as anyone can be.  I can't even spit up without someone making sure it doesn't go back down.

Oh my, but I am a cutie.  In this photograph thing-a-ma-bob I'm telling Mommy how much I like this thing called a Bumbo.   But, I'm like Georgia weather... I can change quickly.

Because I am no longer having fun.  I've reached my limit.  I can tell I'm ready to just buck myself out of this little chair.

See, I told you.  I was arching my back to get out of this.  Sometimes Mommy has these ideas and puts me in these contraptions.  I'm not always a mild mannered little girl y'all.

But I settle down quickly as you can tell (I'm easily distracted by something colorful). 

Again, I'm just a looker.  This picture is from the other night.  I was put in this thing-a-ma-bob so Mommy, Daddy, and that silly boy Evan could eat dinner.  My dinner is so much better than theirs... I mean, it comes in its own carrying case and everything!  But it's odd how it's always Mommy who feeds me... whatever.

"Okay, enough with the pictures," that's what I was thinking here.  I remember that because I was getting annoyed.  I mean, I was just trying to read my book (see, I'm still grabbing it in my hands) and Daddy kept calling my name and making all these lights shine in my face.

And then I remembered that Daddy is the coolest and felt I should at least smile for him.  But there was no way I was taking my fingers out of my mouth... there is some sort of fierce pain going on in there that only feels better if I eat my fingers.  Mommy says it's "teething" but that doesn't mean sh*t to me.  Excuse my language but Mommy has kind of a potty-mouth so sometimes I pick up things I shouldn't.

And that's it y'all.  I know I'm adorable and cute and cuddly and precious and humble, but can you please lay off my Mommy now?  She does include me in every post and let's face it... I don't really do a whole lot yet so one picture of me pretty much tells the story. 

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