Friday, September 30, 2011

Passing it Down

I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan (football for those of you who are unaware) and I'm proud of it (although so far this season I'm a little less proud than last season).  I've been a Philly fan for as long as I've been watching football (I grew up outside of Philadelphia) and can't even imagine rooting for another team.  I am such a fan (as most Philadelphia fans are... we're an all or nothing sort of crew) that I tell Brian I bleed green.

And since my blood is green and since my children shared my blood for almost 40 weeks, then it goes without saying that my children are and will be Philadelphia Eagles fans as well (this is not a democracy).  To make this point, for Christmas one year my brother bought Evan an Eagles hat and this past Christmas he bought Evan a shirt:

(Even this couldn't help the Eagles beat the Giants last weekend)

He wore his hat for almost a good 10 minutes before it came off (this was a miracle) but this time, when he took it off, he decided to share it with someone:

I know, take a minute and just let the cuteness sink in.  Clearly she had no idea what to make of this hat thing but it only stopped her for a second.

And then she continued on her business of exploring her exersaucer.

Tell me she isn't the cutest thing you ever saw (and if you tell me I won't believe you for a second... unless you have children and then I might believe you think your children are cuter... but only might).

But in this football house (and we are a football house) we have a divide... only 3 of us are Eagles fans (as you may have seen in an earlier photo).  Brian is a New England Patriots fan.  Most of the time this is no big deal (the Eagles and the Patties are not in the same conference) but they play each other every 4 years and they met in a Super Bowl in 2005 (Eagles first in a really long time) so sometimes we have to choose sides.  And I think things could go bad:

Not the most flattering picture... but notice Brian is wearing an Patties jersey and Chloe is wearing Eagles green... is this a foreshadow of future Sundays?

I know, the same picture, but I couldn't decide which one was cuter so you get both.

And now for my soapbox moment (and fair warning to those in my family):
  1. Chloe is not a cheerleader, therefore she does not need an Eagles cheerleading outfit.  If you choose to buy her something to show that she is an Eagles fan then a shirt, onesie, hat, or bib would be appropriate. 
  2. The Eagles official colors are midnight green and white.  Their throwback colors are kelly green, silver, and white.  There is no pink in this list so therefore it would be completely inappropriate to purchase her something pink with the Eagles logo on it.  I don't understand how her vagina dictates the color of my fan shirt... the team colors should dictate that.

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  1. RiRi - Love you for many reasons... added to the list: I love that you join me in being violently opposed (yes I mean violently..not vehemently) to pink sports wear. Unless the team wears a pink uniform... or light green... or yellow... it should never be worn in support of the team.

    Fair warning... your children may still get Pats gear from Auntie JoJo.... which I expect to be worn on non-Eagles days/games. Good news is you can be assured they will most DEFINITELY be the appropriate colors.