Monday, September 26, 2011

More Video Where My Children Refuse To Perform

Chloe's hierarchy in the world is very simple:

1. Daddy (I call this "dadoration"... if he is in the room she is typically looking at him smiling, whether or not he is looking at her).
2. Evan
3. Boob
4. Chew toy
5. Cats (she just recently noticed that we have 4 living here)
6. Blanket toy
7. Mirror
8. Half of a Brobee toy (I don't know where the other half is and if you don't know who Brobee is then you either don't have young children or you don't allow them to watch TV)
9. Pacifier (which we've FINALLY convinced her is a good thing and my breasts thank her for that)
10. Mommy

And, I'm okay with my place.  I know now, from my experience with Evan, that as Chloe becomes more sentient I will rise in the list.  Although I don't think I'll ever beat out Daddy or Evan.

So, when I shared this list with my mother the only thing that surprised her was my claim that Chloe adores Evan.  Seriously, that was the ONLY thing (and even more seriously, I never shared this list with her but that was pretty funny... however she is truly skeptical of Chloe liking Evan).  So, I have proof, or sort of proof.

Last night I was doing the dishes when I heard a commotion in the TV area of our great room.  Brian told me that Evan was bouncing Chloe's exersaucer and that she was laughing hysterically.  So of course I got out my video camera to capture the magic and of course my children refused to perform:

Here is what I think... that at some point I'm going to turn on the camera, could be 1 week from now, could be 5 years from now and the two of them are going to look at me and reenact all these scenes for me... it's a dream really... a far away and unrealistic dream.

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  1. Isn't it funny how little girls -- even babies -- know how to flirt? (I'm assuming that Chloe flirts w/ BCC big time) I KNOW you didn't teach her, Ellen! I sure as heck didn't teach my girls . . . but they sure as heck knew how to do it!