Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooking Dinner

My mom always refers to the time between 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM as the bewitching hour for children.  It's when they are restless for dinner and you have to cook it.  Add to this that for some reason Chloe's afternoon nap isn't so fabulous and I have a cranky baby and a restless toddler to contend with in my kitchen.  I put on Barney, I put on Yo Gabba Gabba, I even put on Bob the Builder (or just "Bob" as Evan calls it), but he still ends up in my kitchen.  And since the little girl spends almost the entire time moaning (it's really whining but I've been told it's not nice to refer to my child as whining... but she was) I got dinner in the oven and allowed them in to the kitchen.  As always, I was overwhelmed by their cuteness and had to get my camera.

Believe it or not Evan was in mid-smile for this picture, he isn't scowling.  And yes, she is in her Bumbo... on the kitchen counter.  Because, you know, I'm all concerned about safety and stuff so I felt that was the perfect place for the Bumbo... on the kitchen counter... next to a glass of wine... next to an electronic device.

And as I took this picture I wondered what each of my children could be thinking.  And, of course, I have some ideas.

Let's start with Mr. Monkey Pants:

And now for Miss Thang:

And then Evan got bored and Chloe got cranky and this was the final picture:

(Notice that Chloe was able to resist the wine... good girl)

And if you want to see what I cooked for dinner then look over here.

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  1. So cute- I love the cartoon bubbles! Little Chloe is getting so expressive.