Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday and Preschool

Today is the birthday of Rosie Perez, Jeff Foxworthy, Jane Curtin, Swoosie Kurtz, and... Nancy (my mom).  Happy birhday mom!  And in honor of her birthday I thought I'd share with you at least 10 things my mom has taught me (that I remember):

1.   You can make the choice to wallow or to be happy.
2.   My apple peeler also works to core the apple (seriously, this one has changed my life).
3.   Making the bed every morning really does make a difference.
4.   Some people are just crazy.
5.   Comet works to clean your sink, your toilet, and your bathtub.
6.   It isn't worth obsessing over but you're going to obsess anyway.
7.   Asking for help doesn't make you weak.
8.   Trying to change someone else will only make you crazy (see #4).
9.   Ocercompensating is awkward for everyone involved (you know what this one means mom).
10. There is a God no matter how I approach HIM.

I know there are millions of other things (most of them which came in the 4000 lectures we had growing up) but my brain doesn't work as well anymore.  So, I'll just thank her for everything... known and unknown.

On another note, Evan started preschool today (and I'm totally jealous, it's the coolest preschool ever - The Language Garden).  It was raining this morning so he had to take his rain coat with him (first time he has ever worn it):

Guess what... I didn't even cry.

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  1. Your mother is a wise woman. Every single point on that list is too true. And Evan is adorable, even more so in that rain jacket. Can't wait to hear what he thinks of pre-school. Yay for Mom for for not crying!