Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aaah... Fabulous Weekends

Sometimes being a mother isn't easy.  There are times when you fondly remember your single days and wonder what the heck you were thinking.  And then you have a fabulous weekend and it all makes sense again.  At least for a few weeks.

It helps that the heat seems to have broken in Atlanta and outside is a viable option for family time.  Friday afternoon Brian came home to Evan, Chloe, and I playing outside.  We haven't been able to go outside in the afternoon since before Chloe was born.  And, it seemed like a perfect time to finally get Chloe in to the action and out of her bouncy chair:

So we put her in the baby swing... at 4 months old (you might remember Evan in a swing at 7 months old) and we think she liked it (with her it's about the absence of crying = like). 

Daddy pushed her in the swing and the main thing she didn't like was when he face hit the sunlight.

Meanwhile... Evan was bringing his scrubbing brush up to his playhouse.  Yes... I said "scrubbing brush".  How many times do I have to tell you - the boy does not play with "toys", he likes whatever "tool" you have.

And look, my new camera takes video (which is good since I haven't found the missing cord for my video camera yet):

Saturday morning started out with Evan reading to Chloe.  Do you doubt me?  Take a look:

See, he is reading her tag book to her.

And then I told him to look at the camera and ruined the entire moment... but it's still cute.

Next, on Saturday, we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (which will need its own post someday).  It was an awesome place for Evan to run around and Chloe got to ride face forward in her carrier.  In fact, she had so much fun that she was wiped out when it came time to leave:

I'm completely jealous at how easily she can sleep like this.

And, to let you know, as we walked through the Gardens someone commented that she looked like a Sumo wrestler... after seeing this picture I can't really disagree.  But a happy and peaceful Sumo wrestler.

This morning, after Brian took Evan out to breakfast so I could get some MUCH needed sleep, we took the kids to a nearby park.  I was able to catch the moment when Evan decided to run away from Daddy (but he was running towards a pond to see the fish):

(Evan is in tye-dyed orange and Daddy is in the blue shirt)

Evan just didn't understand that he could run but all Daddy had to do was walk to catch up.

Then we watched football (Eagles won thank you very much), cooked and ate dinner, and relatively peaceful bedtimes.  Weekends like these almost make me want to have a third... almost.

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