Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Been A While

And here is what we've been doing:

Evan has decided that the toy box doesn't need to be empty to play in it.

And, in fact, it's more fun to play with the toys inside the toy box.

Chloe has learned how to sit up on her own.  Just kidding (she is only 3 months y'all).  She was being propped up by her grandmother (Brian's mom) who came to visit along with Papa (Brian's dad) a few weeks ago.

Chloe is showing off many things in this picture.  Her gym (that she no longer uses since she doesn't want her vision obscured by anything if there are cartoons or a cooking show on TV), her beautiful outfit, and how incredibly cute she is.

And she just got cuter...

... and cuter...

... and cuter!!

Aunt Amy came to visit for a few days and she spent some quality time with my little man.  I love how enthralled Evan looks as Aunt Amy reads to him.

And of course she spent some time with "Daddy's Princess" (that is what the shirt says and nothing could be more true - seriously... it's disturbing how quickly she wrapped him around her finger).

Evan then decided that it was shirt-less Thursday.

And this is proof that Evan does occassionally listen to us.  Before Brian took this picture he asked Evan to raise his arms over his head.  Of all the times...

And these are my children (that still feels weird writing that).  Evan isn't rolling over on Chloe but Chloe is grabbing Evan's shorts - this drives Evan crazy.  And why yes, those are my beautifully manicured fingers you see.  I got that manicure when my friend Robin (met in TX but she now lives up north) came to visit.

And to finish off our crazy past few weeks (which also included a playgroup at our house, dinner with Brian's boss, and many other things) here is a picture of my peaceful little girl doing something she doesn't often do anymore...


1 comment:

  1. Now that's as preciously peaceful
    as one can be!
    And look at those cheeks!
    Sweeter than any vine-ripend peach!
    Just one kiss, please!
    I promise not to linger!

    I do believe Evan has grown
    taller since your last post!

    Blessings to the 4 of U!
    Mary Ann Richards