Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Camera

Guess who finally got a new camera (even though this person really can't afford it)?  But, as Brian said, can we really afford to not take pictures of our children?  And can you all really afford to not see pictures of our children?  And, in case you missed it, the answer to the first question is me.  I got a new camera.

To christen the camera I thought I would show you what Monkey was doing the day before his birthday (yes folks, my little man is 2 years old tomorrow... let the tears commence - kind of like they did the first time I put him in a 2T shirt and it fit... but he is still wearing 12 month shorts sometimes, go figure).  Anyway, on to the photos:

That's right, we decided to go outside and color.  I bought Evan washable crayons a while back and his Music Class song book is actually a coloring book.  So, we went out to the screened-in porch, sang songs, and colored.

As you can see, Chloe was hanging out too (she actually fell asleep for a little while outside).

The Monkey in action. 

Chloe and my refreshing Fresca... nothing natural in this beverage but I'm currently obsessed.

I believe we dropped a crayon here and the little man had to get it.  He couldn't just leave it alone... umm... OCD anyone?

And this one is where he is telling me he wants the camera... I ignored him of course but I love the perspective on this picture (we want you...).

This one shows you just how strong the flash is on my new camera (and how incredibly cute my son is).

And of course I leave you with a picture of the lady herself.  Isn't my new camera fantabulous?  Look for birthday photos soon...

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