Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holy %&*#

I had a lot of possible titles for this post.  But, when I thought about the fact that my little man just turned 2 years old, the title just flew out of my mouth (sorry mom, you can't take care of everything). 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of a 2 year old (and if you're really bored, you know, like you're at work or something, you can read about his original birthday here and here):

And this is how the celebration started:

And, since I've been told that people have been asking about the birthday post I won't mess around with all the boring things, like how I did tear up the morning of his birthday, or how it freaked me out the first time someone asked how old he was and I said "2", or that I told Brian "thank God we have Chloe or I might be trying to get pregnant right now"... I'm not by the way, totally not trying to get pregnant (which was probably too much information for you since that is kind of personal)... and now I'm telling a story like my mom, with lots of detours.

Anyway... for Evan's birthday Brian's parents came down for the weekend.  Evan had been receiving boxes from family throughout the week and I was waiting to give him his presents little by little so as to not be overwhelmed (he still has one gift from my parents to open).  The actual day of his birth I let him open his gift from my sister and her family - the Tag Jr.  This has been a really big hit (I tell you because I never know what to get kids for their birthday and this one went over well).  Now, Evan is a book kid so I don't know if it would work for every kid.  And by book kid I mean he reads himself to sleep.  No kidding... I mean, he might not be reading but he does have his favorite books in his bed and he looks at the pictures.  Of course, he also has Lamb (blanket animal), Moo Cow (blanket animal), Blue Cow (blanket animal), Bear (blanket animal) - and yes I named his blanket animals, what of it? -, Papa Smurf figurine, Grouchy Smurf figurine, 2 blankets, 2 pacifiers, Sleep Sheep, and Twilight Turtle (and somehow he knows when something is missing).  So, he's a bit of  bed hoarder... but he does love the Tag Jr.

The following day I let him open some other gifts.  And now for the birthday montage (not in chronological order for those of you who need that sort of thing... sorry):

At this point everything had been opened.  Looks like Christmas... doesn't it?

This little thing is something from Mommy and Daddy... it's a drum pad and it's a big hit.  I know... I know.. you think I'm nuts that I bought him a drum pad. But here's the thing... he used everything else as a drum pad anyway - my walls, my furniture, my legs... so all this does is give him a constructive place to do what he was doing anyway.  Got it?  And stop shaking your head...

More drum action... look how he holds those sticks. I'm thinking Lars Ulrich here.  Go ahead... look him up, you know you want to.  I'll wait.

Satisfied?  Bet you didn't know I happen to love Metallica... I'm a woman of myriad tastes.

This is a gift from Uncle Joe and Miss Joanna... the Thomas at the Sodor Fair set.  Another ginormous hit (after my mother-in-law figured out how to put it together).  This has been hours of enjoyment.

Additionally they also got him The Little Engine That Could.  I've only read it about 50 times.  At least it hasn't made it to the bed hoard yet.

This is the book again (as it's being opened) but I had to show you the smile on his face as soon as he saw the train on the cover.  He is such a stereotypical boy.

This is from Uncle Tommy and Aunt Suga - a stuffed monkey and super cute monkey pajamas that will be awesome in the winter.  The monkey (which I've named Monkey... yes I did... remember, I had a cat named Kitty) has made it close to the bed and is in danger of joining the hoard.  But he gets played with too much to make it all the way to the bed.

And now, let me show you what happens when two presents collide:

Helium balloon + 2 drumsticks =

Whack and Chase (again, my name... because, you know, Evan whacks the balloon and then chases it - why not name things what they are... fine, we can call it something impressive like "Wee Chasing Yellow").

And of course there was cake.  In fact... there were 2 cakes.  You see, on his actual birthday I made Evan a chocolate cake with vanilla icing.  Then, since by the time Brian got home from work and we ate it was just too late to force cake (and I didn't want to force cake) we decided to do the cake on Saturday.  I wrapped up the cake and put it on the counter... silly silly me.  Because we were also having an ant infestation at the time.  So, by the time my in-laws woke up the next day, the cake was CRAWLING with ants.  That cake went in to the garbage.  Brian and I then went to Publix and bought another cake (big ups to Publix for their yummy tasting cakes...and yes, I did just write "big ups" move on).  So, let the cake montage begin:

Evan blowing out the candle with Daddy's help - you can actually see his lips "blowing"... and you can see how he is trying to squint through the one shaft of light that gets through the shades.

Mmm... chocolate coma.

Look at the adoration in his eyes... or maybe it's exhaustion.  He went right to sleep after this.

In addition to all of this, we also went to the pool, Grant Park Farmer's Market and Evan helped his dad and papa put together his dresser and put up the sleep guard on his big boy bed. Because... I almost forgot... Evan is now sleeping in his big boy bed (I'll do a post on that one later but I had to mention it).

And, just so she isn't forgotten on Evan's big day... here is Miss Chloe (because she's cute):

Asleep on Grandma (Brian's mom).

Post-bath fabulousness...

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