Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Rare Sighting

I've been told that people will spend their entire lifetimes searching for that one rare sighting.  Maybe it's of a bird that only comes out at midnight with the full moon (or something like that, clearly I'm not a bird watched).  Or maybe it's of a unicorn or Big Foot (incidentally Brian and I just watched an interesting show on one of those interesting channels that always suck me in - National Geographic, History Channel, etc - about some professor in Minnesota whose entire scholarly pursuits are aimed at finding Big Foot... I'm just saying).  Who knows, whatever floats your boat.

And tonight I saw one of my own rare sightings.  Turns out, if you remain quiet and focused on washing dishes, when you turn around from the sink you might find:

North American Monkey in a Drawer

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Monkey in a drawer is a rare sight (at least for the moment since this is the first time he has climbed in to the drawer... might not be so rare for long). 

An even rarer viewing is the Monkey in a Drawer in a relaxed and stationary position:

And finally, we have the rarest of them all.  The Monkey in a Drawer holding up his finger to indicate the #1... but since I do not speak the wild language of Monkey in a Drawer I have no idea to what the #1 is referring.

Enjoy your wild sightings!


  1. Could that child get any cuter? Looks like he's going to have his Mama's curls?

  2. Shelley - let's hope he doesn't get any cuter because as it stands he can get away with almost anything. And for right now his curls are confined to the longer hair at the back of his head but I love them so I don't want to cut his hair... like ever.