Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Look who is coming to give you a hug:

(and look whose camera has something funky happening... ignore the lines on the photo).

He's getting closer:

And that is all you get.  Since you aren't here I can't really take a picture of Monkey giving you a hug now can I?  And since I'm playing single mom this week there isn't anyone around to take a picture of Monkey hugging me.  So, use your imagination.

And while you're at it, I thought I would help you imagine all the reasons I'm such a sexy mama for my man (and please read all the sarcasm dripping off of that statement).

10 Reasons Why a Mom (or me as a mom) Is a Sexy Valentine:
  1. The cuffs of my sweaters/sweatshirts are usually caked with snot which I wiped from Monkey's nose.
  2. I may not know how the stains got on my clothes but I know from whom.
  3. My hands either smell like baby wipes, dishwashing detergent, butt paste, or something unrecognizable.
  4. Since my showers are now under 10 minutes, shaving my legs is not a necessity.
  5. Some days I'm not sure if I remembered to brush my teeth.
  6. All the love songs I sing now have to do with a purple dinosaur or counting down animals.
  7. I wear two different pairs of shoes... Ugg boots or slippers.  Seriously.
  8. Dressing up for me now consists of putting on earrings since my ears won't be near little hands.
  9. I often spend the afternoons/nights sporting bed head from the nap I took with Monkey.
  10. I talk about poop at least once a day (see, I just did it for today).

That's all I got.  Enjoy the day with someone you love!

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