Monday, February 7, 2011

Monkey's Cute Things

To catch you up I thought I'd share with you some cute things that Monkey now does at 17 months old:

  1. He shares his snacks with you.  Really, whether you are interested or not, if you are just sitting around, chances are a goldfish will be shoved in your mouth.  You just pray it isn't one he has already tasted.
  2. He shares his juice/milk with you.  Thankfully for this one he hands you the cup so you can pretend to drink from his straw.
  3. He takes off his Daddy's socks and puts them in the laundry basket.  It's true.  The boy has some sort of obsession with taking off socks, his and everyone else's.  So if you visit and you aren't wearing shoes... I've warned you.
  4. When it's time for us to leave he brings me my shoes to put on.
  5. If we are on a playground he finds a boy a little older than him and mimics almost everything the boy does.  Early hero worship.
  6. He asks for and rubs in lotion on his hands (although sometimes he eats it so you need to keep an eye on him).
  7. He will choose to eat strawberries over brownie.  I swear this is true and was tested the other night.
  8. When you say "one" he holds up his index finger.
  9. And lastly... he breathes.  I mean, seriously, everything this boy does.  Well, everything but the new and daily improved temper tantrums as we get closer to 2.  Seriously, he threw himself on the pavement at the zoo last week.  I was so surprised I just laughed.

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