Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Jealous... Be Very Very Jealous

So, let's play a game.  I'm going to show you a picture of Evan and you get to guess what is different about this picture than most of the recent pictures I've posted.

I'll give you a second or two.  Just keep looking.

Acceptable answers:
  • Different background - yes, this photo was not taken in the main room of our apartment.  Instead it was taken in Evan's room.  He is standing in front of his closet.  You might notice the many boxes that are ready to find a new home... but alas... still not done.
  • His hair - true, it almost looks combed.  However, it isn't.  I subscribe to the natural school of hair.  If you don't believe me... take a look at a few pictures of me throughout this blog.
But the one answer I was really looking for was: Monkey is wearing short sleeves.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, the weather has turned in Georgia.  Looks like we are going to hit the high 60s low 70s for at least the next few days.  All the windows are open and short sleeves are everywhere.  Are you jealous yet?

And, to make you even more jealous, I thought I'd share 2 more pictures of the cutest toddler that ever lived:

Again, Evan's bedroom.  The toy corner which is in amazingly good shape at the moment.

Evan trying to play with Socks.  He was having none of it and took off a scant second later (still in his bedroom).

Get outside and enjoy the weather!

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