Thursday, February 24, 2011

Almost Home

I haven't spoken about it recently, because I did'nt want to jinx things (and I'm a lot more superstitious than I'll ever admit to), but our house will be done... tomorrow.  Which means we are moving in... tomorrow.

Packers and movers are coming to our apartment tomorrow morning and then they will deliver our 5000 lbs of miscellaneous stuff from storage on Saturday (I anticipate this will be a lot like Christmas since I have no idea what could be in there).

I'll take pictures and video to commemorate this occassion and post again as soon as possible.  But I wanted to explain my absence... at least for a little while.

So, to hold you over... here is the little man helping Daddy stock Maga and Grandpa's little fridge with soda over Christmas:

1 comment:

  1. Happy moving day! I hope it's going well with littel to no stress. Since I know that's probably not possible- I just hope you're managing to keep your sanity!