Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visits End, Fade to Black, Roll Credits

Brian's parents were here this past weekend.  They came up Friday night and left yesterday morning (after a nice stint of babysitting so I could go and get my hair cut for free and further the education of how to cut curly hair).

It was a pretty low key weekend: Babies R Us, checked out East Atlanta Village and found my new favorite eatery (Urban Cannibals - I want to work there someday just to learn the secret behind the tomato bisque soup... yummy yummy), looked at some open houses (now I'm really excited to begin our build... just wish our house in TX would sell and that the house here would be ready yesterday - I'm an impatient gal), and Brian and his parents got to take Monkey to music class while I went to the gym.

I'm still trying to get back in the groove of things after my visit to NJ so this blog post isn't quite what it could be.  Sorry, but we all need some down time... yes, even I do... I am a mere mortal you know... well maybe not "mere", but definitely mortal... who am I kidding, I'm a rock star, but sometimes they even party too hard sometimes and need a break... like rehab, but I'm not that kind of rock star... I guess I'm more like the rock star that just enjoys a good time... not like Whitney Houston, she is a mess... my mom took me to her concert one time... she had more clothing changes than songs, but the girl could sing... and enough.

Sorry, just giving you a glimpse of my thought process...scary huh?  Check back tomorrow to see if I've recuperated.

But while you're waiting, amuse yourself with this:

And think to yourself: "Is my day a wet-paper-towel-eating kind of day or something totally different?"


  1. I might be more alarmed over the dangers of feeding a baby paper towels if this weren't one of the cutest pics I've seen yet of Evan!

  2. @Shelley - there are only good things about this photo. From the slippers, to the fact that he is only wearing a onesie (no pants for this man) AND he is eating paper. I'm in the running for mom of the year due to this photo.

  3. Yeah, too bad the no pants days ends with babyhood! I guess we adults could go around sans pants but we'd probably get some funny looks....