Friday, March 5, 2010

Monkey Friday

Today, Monkey went to "day care" for the first time today.  I joined the Y last Friday and today was my first coach consultation.  While I was being consulted, Monkey went to Play Care - the babysitting included in my membership (I love the Y).  I was worried.  He had never been watched by a stranger outside of our home.  Would he be okay?  Would he cry?  Would he play with the toys?

Well, ladies and gentleman, he didn't even notice I was gone. Apparently he had a blast.  He played in a new exersaucer, had tummy time, ate his bottle, and then took a nap.  I actually think he wasn't excited when he saw me - there were still other toys to explore.  But he will be back there often as I want to get there at LEAST 3 days a week if not more.

So, if you're a monkey, you have a long week behind you and a weekend of travels (going to NJ) ahead of you... what do you do?

Well, you come home...

Make yourself a bottle...

Put on your slippers and relax.

We'll see you when we get back from visiting family and friends in New Jersey.

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