Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And now for something completely different...

Warning: This post has gratuitous ridiculously cute pictures of a sick baby randomly strewn throughout.

(FYI - my title is a nod to the brilliance of Monty Python's Flying Circus.  If you didn't get that, go and rent some episodes and then thank me later.  If you did get that... well done.)

One of the things I love about motherhood is that there is always something new around the corner.  Like the first time your baby smiles at you, or the fist belly laugh, and my personal favorite the first time he holds his arms out for you to pick him up.  And then there are the not-so-much-fun firsts.  Like the first time he poops on you or the first time your shirt gets unknowingly soaked by urine.  Or, so far my absolute favorite, the first time your baby throws up on you and it is all mucus.

(My two sick boys hanging out together.  The pillow on top of the couch is covering up a hole in the brick wall and any subsequent drafts - classy.)

The very first time was last night.  As I finished feeding monkey he went in o a coughing fit.  A frequent croupy cough victim myself, I was not alarmed.  However, Brian was.  He said, "Is Monkey choking?"  And, with all of my lifeguard knowledge behind me, I said, "As long as he can cough he is fine."  And I turned Evan to face me to let him know he was okay and he threw up all over me, all over the couch, and all over the floor.  It was 85% mucus and 100% disgusting.  I mean, I've dealt with some pretty gross things but this one was the most gross to date (I'm sure something entirely different will trump it).

(A little closer look of the sickies.  Who looks more sick?  The man collapsed on the couch or the smiling baby?)

So we cleaned everything up, and Monkey quickly went to sleep.  My poor little sick baby slept the entire night until 5:15 AM.  He woke up, I used the snot bulb to clear his nose, and fed him his bottle.  He made it about 45 minutes and then he needed to go back to sleep.  I picked him up and walked him back to his bedroom.  I made it until the threshold of his room before he threw up all over me - this time it was 95% mucus.  Just keeps getting better.

(Cutest droopy eyed sick baby ever!)

He hasn't thrown up on me again today, but now I'm prepared with a blanket over my shoulder every time I touch him (which of course means he won't throw up on me at all).

(I want my skin to be that smooth when I'm healthy... never mind when I'm sick.)

Today he seems to be on the mend.  Still full of a lot of mucus (will the pediatrician be able to suck that right out of him - have they invented that tool yet?) but also three quarters of the way full of energy.

As for the big sickie, he too is getting better.  A day of rest does wonders for a body with a cold.  Now let's hope this cold leaves the loft without making a visit to me!

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  1. Doh! I didn't get the MP reference and I've seen the movie. I'm getting more senile by the day. I wish I were as cute as Evan when I'm sick. Sadly, I'm not... as Eric can attest. Stay well!