Monday, March 22, 2010


My baby is sick.  For the first time.  He has a cold. 

I don't have any pictures because when he is sitting there, eyes all red-rimmed, snot dripping from his nose, coughing, the last thing I think of is taking a picture.  Instead, I hold him very tight and imagine myself beating up those little mucus guys.

And thanks to the Mucinex commercial, I actually have a visual of who I'm fighting.  How dare they think it's okay to infect my baby?

This weekend Monkey was a little less Monkey - just not as playful and not as hungry, but he seems to be getting back to normal. 

Of course he is still full of smiles which is one of the reasons we didn't end up in the ER this weekend.  I imagine a really sick baby wouldn't smile, like a sick cat doesn't purr (according to our vet in TX, that statement is true). 

Overall, I think I handled his first sickness well... except for the need to pummel the mucus guy, but we are working on that.

As a side note, I saw Precious yesterday.  It really was as good as everyone said it would be.  Brian was making fun of me through some of the movie because there were some parts where I had to hold Monkey, hold him very tightly and tell him again how much I love him.  And then I told him if anyone ever did anything bad to him I'd kill them... immediately.

I think that whole mother lion thing is coming out.

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