Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So far, Brian and I have been very lucky that we have had to buy only a few articles of clothing for Evan.  Between showers, grandparents, and random clothing fairies, Evan is pretty solid for a few years.

When his clothes change over (like we just put away all 3-6 month clothing) I always have a moment of sadness that my boy is growing up and that some super cute clothes will no longer fit him.  And while I appreciate all the clothes everyone gives us, of course we always have some favorites.

And there will be one set of clothing I will truly miss when the time comes (probably within the next month).

I like it because it is green and brown, one of my favorite color combinations.

I like it because the pants are striped (not something you see every day).

But most of all, I like it because there is a big smiling monkey on his butt.  How perfect for a Mr. Monkey Pants. 

So, thank you to whoever gave us this outfit and let's hope that Evan doesn't grow... just for a little longer.

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  1. I cry every time I put a size away.