Monday, November 12, 2012

This Past Weekend

So my friend came to visit this past weekend and it was awesome to see her.  We met in Texas and then she moved up towards Philly when we went to Atlanta.  Then we came up North and she moved down to Atlanta.  We gave up trying to meet in the middle so she came up to see us.  We did some kid friendly activities outside because it was so gorgeous... we ate fabulous steak... and then she watched Evan while I took Chloe to swim class (update on swim class - Evan's teacher was super nice this Saturday - maybe she read my blog? - and Chloe's class, which Brian usually goes to, is basically a way for me to pay for Chloe to play with toys in the water). 

Brian left for South Carolina Sunday morning and Robin left for Atlanta early Sunday afternoon.  Then I found ways to entertain the kids on my own.

After lunch but before their naps we went outside to play.  Little Girl has recently found the joys of sitting IN the sandbox and Evan has embraced the trucks.  Sadly the sandbox lid isn't airtight so some rain from our recent storms seeped in and wet the sand.  Little Girl needed a wardrobe overhaul.

Then Evan decided to try out the T-ball.

 (That one was a home run for sure)

And while I watched them peacefully play in the backyard I felt vindicated that I fought so hard for a rental with a backyard.  This was all I ever wanted for them.  A place to play and explore close to home.

Then they went down for naps.  Chloe woke up about 3:30 and she was crazy.  In this picture she is riding my foot and making this insane noise (which I know you can't hear through the photo) while also laughing at the same time.  It was a little disturbing:

And when I woke Evan up at 4:00 we decided to go for a walk.  As soon as we left the house Buddy showed up (who I've know been told is actually named Gizmo... but he will always be Buddy to us):

Halfway through the walk we all decided to go to the park instead.  So without any provisions (water, snacks, diapers, or acceptable clothing for me since Sunday was a serious laundry day) off we went.  Chloe and Evan both walked the entire way.

When we got there Evan's friend Xavier and Chloe's friend Evelyn were there.  Xavier and Evan went off and Chloe decided to play hard to get with Evelyn (she just doesn't seem to go for children her own age). And then, the heavens opened, angels sang, and Chloe and Evan voluntarily shared a swing AND let me take their picture:

(Come on, that's cute stuff)

And then we walked home (well Evan walked but Chloe had to be carried since she was trying to steal all of Evelyn's goldfish the entire time), I made a dinner of such culinary expertise that the kids ate all of it (macaroni and cheese with a side of apples), we finished destroying the house, kids went to bed, I did dishes, attempted to put things away, made Evan's lunch for the next day, talked to my husband on the phone, watched the awesome and disturbing movie "The Girl" about Hitchock's obsession with Tippi Hedren (which I recommend) and then passed out.  Because while I believe a worn out child is a good child this also means that Mommy gets worn out.

At about 6:15 AM Evan came in to bed with me.  He was so wiped out from the weekend that he was still like this at 7:30 AM when I woke him up for breakfast:

Chloe, however, woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to do it all over again.  Have I mentioned that the Little Girl is going to kill me?

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