Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Photo Friday

Last night I was looking through our pictures and came across so many memories and so much cuteness that I thought I would share them with you (and I'm a little crazy today since I'm trying to clean my house, go out to dinner tonight, have a good weekend, and be prepared to go to Florida on Monday... which of course brings up a whole other how am I going to blog from Florida moment so I'm not sure about next week).

Anywho... on to the photos:

Evan - just a couple weeks old - where did all that squishy-ness go?

Evan - in our first apartment in Atlanta - he is starting to look more like the guy I know.

Evan's First Birthday... E-A-G-L-E-S (which is only slightly embarrassing to say now but we still bleed green).

Evan goofing around as my camera was just starting to die... he was probably about 14-15 months old here.

Evan and I at the Fernbank in Atlanta... and look at my belly - Chloe's first camera appearance.

The Little Girl all cute and whatnot in our house (FINALLY) in Atlanta.  She was about 12 weeks old here.

Chloe - the first camera evidence of mischief... look at those eyes!
Chloe - first swing experience, about 6 months.  She doesn't look so excited here but now you can't get her off a swing and God help you if you try to use HER swing at the park (PS - gotta love Hanna Anderrson... she is still using that same coat, gloves, and hat and they are from last year).

Evan - About a month ago before his most recent haircut.  He was making me a pie.

Chloe - about a month ago, in Target, trying on a Captain America hat (with Evan running away from us in the background).


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