Monday, November 5, 2012


I know it seems like I've already missed a post... but guess what, I read the fine print.  Turns out I only have to blog on weekdays so in essence you all got a free blog.  And you almost missed this one tonight and here is why...

On Saturday they tore up the kitchen floor in our rental since the tile was all cracked and the grout was coming up.  And they found out that for the past how many years our dishwasher has been leaking on the drain cycle since someone nailed a 2x4 in to it.  So they have to fix the sub-floor, lay down new floor (we're getting high grade vinyl... yippee), and get us a new dishwasher. 

So I fled to my mom's house in New Jersey.  And once I got there my post-nasal drip turned into a full fledged cold which sent me directly to bed. 

So... it's fun all up in here.  And it's cold.  And there is a Nor'easter coming which means I won't be getting home until at least Thursday.  And I bought one pair of pajamas per child since I thought I was going home tomorrow.

And these are my excuses why this post sucks.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I'm going to chug NyQuil.

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