Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here is What I Love

Chloe is now of the age that she likes to walk.... everywhere.  She likes to walk to the park, around the block, in the mall, but her favorite place/time to walk is on the way home from picking Evan up at school.  And so I push the double stroller and the two of them walk home (unless either of them thinks it's funny to run in to the street in which case they BOTH go in the stroller - hoping for some peer pressure here).

Usually our 2 block walk home takes about 25 minutes because we stop and get sticks, pretty leaves, acorns, etc.  I love watching them explore the things outside (mostly because all of my vivid memories of childhood are outside, no matter the temperature) but today we went to a whole new level of love.

I know this picture just looks like two kids standing next to a tree with one kid dressed like it's blizzard temperatures and the other dressed like it's a balmy Wednesday (it was in the high 40s, apparently Evan doesn't get cold) but it's much more.

On the walk home Chloe all the sudden walked up to this tree and starting petting it.  Evan, since he does most things she does and vice versa, went over and started to pet the tree as well.  Then Chloe gave Evan a huge smile and spontaneously hugged the tree. Evan followed suit.  It was all over before I could take a picture but they graciously posed for a staged photo (well, not graciously so much but they agreed to put one arm around the tree).

I just love that they hugged a tree. 

Then Evan ran in to the street, fell, his lamb went flying, I ran out in to the street keeping an eye on Chloe and my stroller which was now rolling backwards, Evan started crying because he hurt his hands, I yelled at him for running in the street and shoved him in the stroller, he started throwing a serious fit, Chloe seemed confused as I shoved her in the stroller, and we all walked home.

Such is the roller coaster of motherhood.


  1. The influence of the Lorax.

  2. That's so cute! Besides the ending....