Friday, November 2, 2012

Let the Celebrations Begin

It's my birthday.  I'm a proud 38 years old (which is really no big deal since, for some odd reason, when Brian becomes one year older in May I change my age at the same time so I've been thinking of myself as 38 for the past 6 months).

Here are some things I've done on my birthday:

  • Made breakfast for everyone (except myself... I have to take my thyroid medicine in the morning and then I have to wait an hour until I can eat... it never seems to work out on time).
  • Went to a preschool Halloween parade and Trunk-or-Treating.  I was actually "in" the parade and had to answer the 3 year old's questions of: "Where are the animals?", and "Where is the parade?" He did not understand he WAS the parade (and well, so was I).  I also got to eat cinnamon pretzels and lukewarm chocolate (the "hot" portion was too much for the kids). 
(He's in the back, by the door.  He was a Jedi for school today because I felt it would be easier for him to use the potty in this costume rather than his Hulk costume from 2 years ago... see a couple bullets down for how that worked out)
(This had nothing to do with the parade or my son directly, but this is where the pretzels and hot chocolate came from and I had to share this photo because it's hysterical and all the children were mesmerized by this monster... it took Evan almost 30 minutes before he went up and touched its hand)
(This photo is in honor of my home state of New Jersey which was ravaged by Sandy... way down here in MD Bruce was alive and well)
  • I ate lunch with my little girl (or I ate lunch while she disdainfully sneered at her plate of ham, cheese stick, and apple... and then finally ate the cheese stick and nibbled on the apple).
  • I threw in my first of at least 3 loads of laundry I have to do today.
  • I picked up my barefoot son (turns out someone tied his drawstring too tight and he couldn't quite make it to the potty in time) from preschool and came home to watch Sesame Street (and add his clothes and shoes to the laundry).
  • I gave my 17-month old a lollipop (she wore me down people - there was nothing I could do but act irresponsibly).
(This is her "happy" dance... also known as "if I cry long enough and loud enough I apparently get my way" dance

(Clearly she needs a haircut... I'll add that to my list of things to do once I make that list

(Don't worry, her brother showed her how to properly lick the lollipop... and how to make sure you get the sticky goodness all over the couch)
  • I listened to Chloe cry for 45 minutes as she continued her new assault against sleep (we have been boycotting naps for over a week now and last night we started in on night time sleeping too).  Eventually she gives up and falls asleep.
  • I put the boy in for "quiet time" where he asked me to fix his toe nail (a piece had broken off). So I automatically ripped the rest of it off which resulted in him telling me how I hurt him all through his "quiet time" book, then telling me he couldn't get into bed because of the pain, then asking me to put medicine (Neosporin) and a band aid on it until he finally settled down.
  • I paid our bills electronically and just for fun I also logged how much we owe on our credit cards.  I then searched the Internet to see how to get rich quick and decided that there was no way there were that many Africans who could help me out just by me cashing their checks and finally accepted my debt-filled life.   
  • And now I'm writing my blog for day 2 of the blog-filled month of November.
Later today I plan on going to the grocery store, folding laundry, making the children dinner (and by "making" I mean microwaving them Chicken Rondelets), having sushi delivered to our house for Brian and I, watching TV from the DVR, and going to bed.

Seriously, I can't even handle the glamour of my 38th year of life (but all sarcasm aside, I kind of like the low key approach... there are no high heels involved).

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  1. Happy Birthday! And yep, the Motherhood is sooo glamorous. E and I both passed out last night by 9:30. We couldn't even stay awake long enough to finish a glass of wine and an episode of John Stewart on Hulu. Not that we were ever party animals but we've definitely reached a new level of lame.