Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost Turkey Time

Chloe is sick.  She has been unable to get off my chest for about 2 days.  She hasn't been sleeping either. Thankfully Brian convinced her to take a car ride and sleep so I could breathe for a couple of hours.

We leave for Florida tomorrow and I'm not blogging from there.  So have a Happy Thanksgiving and I failed NaMoBloPo or whatever it was.  I'm not good at commitments which is amazing that I've been married for 8 years.

Evan is REALLY excited for Thanksgiving.  He keeps telling me it's almost Turkey Time (which is from a Silly Bus song... if you haven't bought their CD for a child you know yet, do it now - seriously, I don't make any money off of this but I actually love their music and so do my kids) and then he tells me Christmas is next.  We have caught on to the holidays.

And, the most exciting thing today... Evan's legs are finally long enough to ride his bike.  Check out these videos:

(I sent this one to Brian and he asked me if I think Evan is compelled to sing... and yes, I do)

The problem is that going uphill is VERY difficult for him (he just started out after all) so I have to carry the bike (and it isn't light).  But the bigger problem is that if we take the bike around the block, the street parallel to mine is awesome for him because it has a low slope down (that is where I took the videos) but then we turn the corner and my street has some serious uphill action.  But if I go around the block the other way then he will have some serious downhill action.  I mean, do people really have bigger problems than this (I'm kidding... I hope you know, it just all the sudden sounded ridiculous that these are my issues).

Gobble gobble.

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  1. I failed NaMoBloPo (whatever), too!!! love, Chan