Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

There was a lot going on in the Castrucci house this weekend but let's start with Halloween.  First off, let me start off by saying that Halloween was a holiday that my mother hated.  I don't remember having Halloween decorations (except for pumpkins... we always had pumpkins) and basically you could be a hobo and dress up in old clothes or a rich woman and wear a dress, gloves, make-up, and costume jewelry.  Although, in fairness to my mother, there is a photo of me as a witch one year where I wore a black dress and a construction paper cone hat with green yarn glued on to the hair for my hair.  So, I'm not blaming or anything, but I think I've inherited my mother's ennui for this holiday... I'm just not organized enough nor do I care enough to really get into Halloween.  This is probably why Brian came home from work today and said to me, "I'm not saying this to you just you... but this is the last year we can be half-assed parents about Halloween."

So, onto our half-assed Halloween.  No decorations, a painted pumpkin, and a paper bag that I tried to get Evan to decorate but he had no interest.  Brian decided he wanted Evan to be a Jedi (from Star Wars) for Halloween and he saw a Yoda costume in Target that he liked.  He also found a Princess Leia costume and got that for Chloe.  So, when we tried on the costumes last weekend we found out that 1) the yoda "hat" basically looked like green bunny ears, and 2) The Princess Leia costume was clearly not an infant costume since Chloe was swimming in it.  So, we had half a costume for Evan and none for Chloe.  Brian left me in charge (re-read the first paragraph of this post and wonder what he was thinking) and he had to go away for a few days.

Well... if you remember I had some rough days filled with a non-sleeping naked child and basically did nothing about the costumes.  I decided Evan could wear his Jedi robes and with his blonde hair he basically looks like Anakin Skywalker so I went with that (and Brian bought him a glow-in-the-dark light saber):

Trying to figure out his light saber.


And then I got cheap and decided I wasn't going to buy a costume for Chloe since she wouldn't leave her car seat anyway.  Instead I dressed her in a really cute onesie with a tu-tu that says "Rocker Princess" on it and spiked her hair.  I then dressed up in an ensemble which faintly resembled a fat midget hooker with some 80s paraphernalia (this is what happens when you don't define your costume well or wait until the last minute):

Clearly I should have gone as a "rich lady" but Chloe looks super cute.

And... Brian went as Brian.  He did wear a sweatshirt from his alma mater so I said if anyone asked he could be a college student.  No one asked.  Although someone asked me if I was dressed-up and that just confused me a little... but I guess I was plausible and probably had on the same make-up I wore in the 90s (which Brian really liked by the way).

So, on Saturday off we went to the East Atlanta Village Halloween night (EAVoween).  Basically all the businesses in our downtown hand out candy to everyone... it's a nice safe alternative to house to house trick-or-treating in East Atlanta.  It was a lot colder this year so we didn't see as many kids but Evan still enjoyed himself (and Chloe loved looking at everything). 

We ended the evening at the Firehouse where Evan got to sit in a fire truck:

He was so excited he didn't even know what to do.

I think he kept looking for permission because it was too big for him to understand.

We then decided, mostly because I was too tired and didn't feel like dealing, not to dress him up Evan tonight and take him out.  We got about 10 trick-or-treaters at our house, with only about 7 of them in actual costume, and then we shut off our porch light.  Brian's right... we are a little half-assed about all of this.  There are some days when I feel like we are the Griswold Family (the wife's name is Ellen). 

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