Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Deal

No, I don't have a book deal and as far as I know there are no book deals forthcoming.  But, earlier today as I was trying to cook dinner with one baby crying and another running around the house destroying everything I thought about a book.  More specifically, I thought what would be the title of a book if I wrote it about my life... because, you know, no one has ever thought about writing a book about being a mom... especially not a funny book.

Anyway, these were the titles I came up with (feel free to add any other ideas in the comments):

  • I'm Going Crazy Over Here... No, Seriously
  • Want a Free Kid?
  • Dante Missed a Circle (sub-title: Clearly He Didn't Have Children)
  • I Have Kids Therefore I Drink
  • Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over The Screaming
  • I Would Never Have Time to Read This Book
  • This Is As Good As It Gets... Meh

But, I do have to say, now that everyone is in bed, and it's quiet, and I've had a few minutes to regroup, I do really love my children and I am really grateful to be able to be a stay-at-home mom (but none of this is funny which is why it would never make it in my fictitious book with its fictitious snarky title).


  1. My vote goes to "I Would Never Have Time to Read This Book." Pretty sure it would strike a chord with most moms.

  2. Shelley - and that one works whether they are driving me crazy or not... good call.