Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bunch of Random Things Together

Here are some random moments of my life over the last week...

It's been cold here this past week (and real cold... like in the 40s at night and 50s during the day) so I had to pull out the kids' new winter coats that Maga (known as Naga to Evan) bought as Christmas presents.  This is what Chloe looked like... the cutest pink elf I've ever seen.

As an aside... putting her in and out of this coat is such a pain in the tookus that unless it's been freezing I've just been throwing a blanket over her. Yes, I'm sometimes a lazy mother.  And, on top of that, the other day I went to Target with the kids and Evan had on his winter coat but no socks or shoes... some battles just aren't worth my time.

The East Atlanta Village Farmer's Market and the East Atlanta Parents Network worked together to bring pumpkin (or "punky" as Evan calls it) painting to the kids. 

I think my son is a craft fiend.  He was really in to the whole painting aspect.

Seriously, it was hard to get the brush away from him once it was time to go.  Thankfully the paint was washable because first-time mom over here didn't even think about putting a smock on him. 

And this is Evan's block tower.  He has recently become very obsessed with stacking blocks and he was SUPER proud of this tower.  I swear I only put on the top few layers... he did everything else.

Oh, and the cans?  He took those out of my pantry to stack them.  Seriously, I had to explain that?  Didn't / don't your kids do that?

This picture has a lot of stories behind it.  The first one (and Brian's least favorite) is the headband.  Yes, Evan is wearing a headband.  The morning that this picture was taken I put on a headband.  As usual Evan was in the bathroom with me (because he really is never more than 2 feet away from me when Brian isn't home) and once he saw me put in a headband he wanted one.  So, I gave him one.  And he wore it most of the day.

The second story is that Evan, for some reason, has recently decided he doesn't like his picture taken.  I don't understand this whole thing since he used to be a camera hog... but now he runs away. 

Don't believe me?  Check out the video evidence:

Or view at:

And here we move on to Chloe.  This was the headband day and Chloe was wearing Evan's hand-me-downs so I felt I had to get a picture of her all decked out in boy clothes (and I say that facetiously because no one noticed she wasn't wearing gender appropriate clothing... probably because at her age a monkey isn't gender specific).

And this is a sad moment in Chloe's hair.  Chloe has cradle cap (which I may or may not have told you all) so she gets her hair washed every couple days with selsun blue.  This shampoo washes her hair a little too well so it doesn't stick up like it usually does... and this makes me sad.  But, she is still super cute.

This is Evan's yoda figurine (which used to be Brian's figurine that Evan bought for Daddy for some holiday that I can't remember but which Daddy gave back to Evan once Evan figured out that he wanted it).  And it is of course not age appropriate since it is ceramic... which you can tell because one of his ears has fallen off.

This photo is Evan showing off his $1 canister that I bought at Target and that he uses to put things in (which is currently his favorite past time... all bags, any containers... he puts things in them).  But, the best part of this picture is the head band.  I gotta say... it looks really good on him.

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