Friday, October 21, 2011


So, I've been thinking about those people who claim they have a poltergeist in their house because cabinets and doors are open that they didn't open, drawers are emptied of their contents, etc.  I'm probably thinking about this because I've been watching that new show on FX "American Horror Story" and it's really good... and really spooky. 

And I've come to a conclusion.  Those people who think they have a poltergeist first need to make sure there is not a 2-year old within a 5 mile radius of their house.  Because... it's probably the 2-year old.  Here is my irrefutable data:
  • I was giving Chloe a bath this morning, turned around and all the cabinets were open... no Evan in sight but he had been in earlier.
  • I was in the shower this morning and when I got out the contents of one of Brian's drawers was on his sink... no Evan in sight but he had been in earlier.
  • Regularly I enter my kitchen and all the cabinets that he has access to are open with no Evan in sight.
I'll start worrying when a chair ends up on my kitchen table or if upper cabinets are mysteriously opened (and Brian isn't home because he is notorious for not shutting cabinet doors... I think it's a clue to me where he has been).

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  1. Ellen, it certainly sounds as if your only ghost is your 2-year-old. I'm one of those who grew up with true poltergeist-like activity, and there was so much of it, including walking into the kitchen to find all the doors and drawers open when you were just in there minutes before and everyone else is in the family room. My mom had it happen when she was completely alone in the house. But there was so much more; the cabinets were the least of it. And it continued with the next owners after we moved out. Now I run a paranormal investigation team and have worked many true cases. I have a book coming out next year called "I Think My House is Haunted..."
    I have absolutely no doubt that ghosts - and poltergeists - exist. I'm glad your case was probably just a two-year-old. But if you do find that chair on the table, look me up :)

    Founder - Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of NJ