Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Feeding Time...

That's right Ladies and Gentlemen... Chloe has started her adventure with solid food (mostly because I got sick of her staring longingly at my fork each night at dinner).  And, so far, she is doing much better than her brother who spent the first few times spitting the food right out.

At first she wasn't so sure:

But she opened her mouth anyway...

And then she made this face (and I don't really blame her... that stuff just looks and smells gross - although Evan had a bite and said it wasn't too bad):

She ate about 6 spoonfuls her first time out and didn't spit any of it out.  She wasn't so sure why she was doing it, but she did it anyway (which is a personality trait that I think will make my life much easier with her than with her brother... that is IF it is a personality trait and not a phase).

Brian was able to catch some on video... of the end of her meal when she was much more uncooperative:

So far I've only fed her twice (we skipped yesterday morning because we had to get up early and get out the door to drop off Brian to get his car fixed and pick up a rental) and so far she has eaten both times.  I'm thinking about a week of morning feedings and then we move on.  And then my life will become all about food as I make her bottles (yeah, I need to blog about my decision to stop breastfeeding... don't judge until you hear the story), make her food, make Evan's food, make my food, make Brian's food, clean the dishes and repeat. 

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