Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The First Haircut

Brian, Chloe, Evan, and I went back to NJ for Thanksgiving.  And there is definitely a lot to share from the trip.  So much that I'm going to have to do about 4 posts just on this topic (until you are so sick of reading about it that you force me to come up with something interesting from our everyday life).

One of the biggest events that happened is my little man got his first haircut... and I didn't cry (true story).  I know it seems that 27 months is a long time to wait for the first haircut but let's talk a little walk down memory lane... shall we?

Evan Semi-Bald at 6 months:
(I know - can you believe this is my little man?)

Evan, still semi-bald at 1 year (actually on his first birthday):

And then all the sudden, this is what happened:
(The genius salon put on Sprout to entertain him... he is so cute with his disheveled locks.)

So, as you can see, when we arrived at the Barber shop, he had no idea what was about to happen and was happy to jump right up on the chair.  Didn't even blink, he just sat there watching TV.

 The woman cutting his hair made a comment that she couldn't believe how good he was.  That he just sat there and let her cut his hair.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that the truth was he was closely watching every move she made and was enthralled by all the new "toys" she used.  I have no doubt that is I put a pair of scissors in his hands he would try to use them to cut his hair.  He stored all the information somewhere in his scary scary brain.

Every request she made he did without delay.  She told him to turn his head and he did it.  She kept waiting for him to be confused or to be ornery but it never happened.  I am always amazed at his ability to handle new situations with interest rather than fear.

As a side note... love the hair dresser.  But isn't she about as Jersey as you can get?  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real Jersey... sadly not too far from what you see on TV.

And here is the best part of the entire experience... apparently the only photo I took of his final haircut was with my phone.  And I have one of those old phones where the picture doesn't easily transfer to my computer.  I do this... it's not really a surprise.  It's kind of like on our honeymoon when I had a camera that actually used film and I was surprised since I thought I had a 36 (or whatever) picture roll in the camera but I was able to continue to take pictures after 36 and then, when we got home, and I went to develop the pictures it turns out I didn't have any film in the camera.  And somehow my life just keeps moving forward.

Luckily, he got his haircut the day before Thanksgiving.  So here is a picture of the little man on Thanksgiving with his haircut:

I know you can't tell from this far away picture but the cut is really cute.  And on top of that he kept his curls!  I was super worried about this, but it turns out his curls are from the root so they aren't going anywhere.  Now, on to obsess about Chloe's hair...

Do you think the "curls" off of her mohawk will stick around if I cut it?  Don't worry, a haircut is not coming anytime soon for her.

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  1. Googled how to cut my own hair, up popped your tutorial, out came the scissors and the floor mop on top of my head has disappeared!! Great tutorial, thank you so so much! I love my new hair.