Sunday, November 13, 2011


Three out of the four of us were sick this weekend (Chloe was spared) and according to Brian when I get sick I ramble.  So I thought I'd do something rambling for you.

Chloe started solid food two weeks ago.  She has done really well and this time around I'm making her food (but totally draw the line at pureeing meat, that I will buy).  She enjoys her cereal, butternut squash, banana, and peas.  She LOVES avocado... another one.  And then she got constipated (surprise... poor girl).  So Brian and I followed the advice on our pediatrician's website (because they are totally in the 21st century) and gave her 6 oz of apple juice yesterday.  Yeah, she is no longer constipated.  Now I'll be mixing her cereal with prune juice to help out and I'm shelving the bananas for a while.

On another note Evan is really helpful when I'm feeding Chloe.  You know, doing random things like taking her spoon, climbing on her high chair, trying to get her to pull his hair, and other really helpful things. 

I need to apologize to other parents.  It just isn't fair that my child is so incredibly cute (sorry... and that is said with no sarcasm dripping from it, none at all, not even a little):

I'm writing a new book called, "1001 Ways to Play with Acorns: How to Raise a Child Who Doesn't Play with Toys."  Seriously, Evan plays with anything that is not a toy (for example: spatula, coins, acorns, extension cords, breast pump, allen wrench, all the really safe things).  He has always been like this, even as a baby he wanted a pen rather than a rattle.  Chloe loves her toys.  She also loves remote controls and plastic bags.

Look who is almost sitting up on her own:

It's kind of funny when she falls over into the pillows because she just sits there and moans... and then I rescue her.  She also now rolls from her back to her stomach and back.  She even pushed against Brian's feet today and seemed to scootch a little on her stomach.  I'm completely against her getting mobile and am currently plotting on how to make that not happen.

When we go to Trader Joe's Evan gets two things, 1) a sample and often more than one... his favorite last weekend was the gouda with cranberries, and 2) stickers.  For some reasons the stickers always end up on me and more specifically on my chest:

I leave them there.  Hey, I'm a mom.

This weekend Brian seemed to get better faster than I did so he got up with the kids.  Apparently they are good for him in the morning (unlike for me when we always have at least one meltdown).  However, there is photo evidence that they aren't always happy (well, at least Evan isn't):

In Brian's defense... there were 6 other photos where Evan was smiling but I actually like this face the best.  Maybe it's because it's the face I most often see throughout the day.

Today Brian made my baby laugh.  It's one of the reasons I love him.  It is well worth watching the entire thing:

My goal is to be completely healthy by tomorrow so maybe I'll stop rambling by then... we'll see.

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  1. Happy belated Turkey Day. And yep, Chloe is incredibly cute. Love those pink cheeks!