Thursday, November 3, 2011

Growing Up...

My babies are growing up [sniff... wipe away tear].  This morning Chloe decided if she could roll one way then she could roll back (but she's only done it once so far).  My mom made some comment about Chloe growing up (which I had already thought of and decided to completely ignore since it made me emotional) and I had to correct her for 2 reasons, 1) Chloe is only 6 months old... that is not grown up yet, and 2) if I think Chloe is growing up then I'm going to want another baby and I'm not physically, emotionally, or sleep-wise ready for that (and may never be).

But even though I'm choosing to ignore her growing up... she's doing it anyway (is this a foreshadowing) and we had her 6-month check-up today:

Weight: 17lbs 9 oz (76.62%)
Height: 25.3 inches (30.27%)
Head: 17.2 inches (84.6% - still smaller than Evan's has ever been)

So, she is still on par to end up like her mother (short and... umm... round?) but she doesn't look like that at all.  Basically, her torso is so long that she is in 9 months onesies but I have to fold the arms and legs back because her limbs haven't caught up.  But all you see when you look at her is cuteness:

And the little man?  Well... his speech becomes more impressive every day.  He is now speaking in 3-4 word sentences (although sometimes it comes out a little mixed up and he sounds like Yoda) and using articles (I swear... Brian also heard him say "Read the book").  Here is a clip of him performing... almost:

I know they are going to continue to grow up... but I'm not ready for this.

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