Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Uncles, Firetrucks, & Boots

This past weekend my brother (Uncle Joe) and his girlfriend (Miss Joanna) came to visit.  Neither one of them has children and I always find it amazing that people without children volunteer to come and be part of our chaotic household.  They handled the chaos well and played with Evan and cuddled with Chloe (and thankfully they weren't looking for some crazy nightlife because Chloe's late night feedings are as nuts as we get right now).

One of the things we did while they were here was visit our local fire station (they were having a fundraiser).  We got there pretty late so much of the activities were over, but Evan still got to see the firetruck:

He also got to play with the fireman's gear:

I think being so close to all the gear, buttons, levers, horns, etc made Evan a little contemplative:

And, of course, Chloe was there... sleeping:

Uncle Joe and Miss Joanna posed with Evan in front of the firetruck:

But we had to wait for Chloe's picture with Uncle Joe and Miss Joanna until Chloe was awake.  This meant later that night at home:

I think overall everyone had a good time.  I know Evan liked having new people around to adore him and tell him how wonderful he is... good thing that boy doesn't have a self-esteem problem!

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