Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bonding with Chloe (and a camera)

I'm not sure if I've told you this or not, but there is a new woman in my life (not Chloe silly... I said "woman").  And she is wonderful.  She is the temporary nanny who basically is paid to hang out with Monkey and have a blast.  My parents have been gracious enough to offer us this help due to my c-section.  Besides the fact that she is wonderful with Monkey and teaches him all kinds ogf new things, she gives me the opportunity to do something very important - bond with Chloe.

I know it seems like I would naturally do this... that of course a mother would bond with her baby - especially a breastfeeding mother... but then there is me.  Ellen + newborn = nothing.  Sersiously, nothing.  I mean if someone tried to harm her I'd kill them but almost out of principle.  It's just that until babies have a personality (which means they need to do more than eat, sleep, pass gas, pee and poop) I'm not that interested.  And I know that if I was still with Evan all day AND Chloe that I would probably gravitate more towards Evan.  It's just the truth people... it doesn't make me a bad mother.

One of the bonding things I do is take pictures because even though I'm not a fan of newborns I can objectively look at her and say how super cute she is.  And the other day, as I was holding her, I figured I would see how good I was at one-handed photo taking.  And now you get to benefit from our bonding.

My first attempt at taking a picture of her super cute feet (hers are thin and long whereas Evan's have always been - and still are - more like mine... Flintstone feet):

And so I figured I would need to address the fuzziness of the photo and I tried again:

And clearly I still needed lessons for close photos so I decided to move on and take a picture of the princess herself:

And then I realized that since I'm always the one taking photos that I didn't have any photos of the two of us together and I needed to fix that:

Oooh - but that double triple chin thing wasn't working for me so I tried a trick our wedding photographer taught me to just lift my chin a little:

And apparently I overdid that... but at least my nose is clean and my chins are gone.  And so I figured that I would return to the one thing I could take a picture of:

I'm not sure she liked the camera in her face as much as I did but it made some memories.

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