Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chloe is Growing Up

When Chloe was born I had forgotten how small babies are.  When Chloe came home from the hospital I had forgotton how precious sleep is with a newborn.  And as each day passes I had forgotton how quickly little babies grow up.

Just a few weeks ago this was Chloe:

And that was pretty much the extent of her activty - folding her hands across her chest and looking out in to space.

Here is Chloe at 6 weeks old:

She is alert, looking around, and awake more and more during the day (and less and less at night).  Still waiting for her entire personality to emerge but little pieces are coming out here and there (like she is definitely opinionated).

And she apparently has a high tolerance for annoyances (we call this one Buddha Chloe):

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  1. Mary Ann Richards, New JerseyJuly 10, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    Hi! Ellen,
    First, tell me how you had the time to have created and maintained such a well-written, colorful and creatively designed BLOG --
    after having given birth to two wonderful babies and
    spent the last few years packing
    and unpacking, not to mention all the other "fun things"
    a wife and mother has
    on her day-to-day plate?

    Second, how do I subscribe to your BLOG
    so I can keep posted on all the news
    and perhaps even catch a glimpse
    of one of my best, favorite people,
    your Mom, when she's off to visit
    with you!

    Third, don't stop! Keep on writing!
    You have a book in the making - my guess,
    a best seller at that!

    Love and blessings to everyone!
    Mary Ann Richards