Friday, June 17, 2011

Apparently There Is Medicine For That

So, my little 6 week old girl sufers from gas and has almost from the beginning.  And I don't mean cute little baby gas.  This girl passes gas like a trucker (no offense to truckers, I just assume since you all are alone a lot and eat diner food a lot then there might be a lot of gas passing going on in the cab).  While that might sound cute (to the completely deranged) what isn't cute is how difficult it was for her to pass gas.  He face would scrunch up and turn red, her little legs would start pulling and pushing to and from, her stomach would turn into a rock, and she would let loos a painful scream that would make any mother cringe.

So I told her doctor about this at her 2 week checkup because it seemed rather excessive.  He told me that this happens to most newborns (which sounded suspicious, but his MD is from a real university and not from the Internet like mine) and to try the over the counter meds for gas relief.  We tried "Little Tummies", it didn't work, and all the sudden she was sleeping in the swing and that seemed to help.  While she continued to have painful gas it seemed to lessen.  Then, about a little less than 2 weeks ago, the gas came back strong.  We went back to the doctor's on Monday for her 6 week checkup and I again brought up her painful gas.  He suggested I first try the other 2 over the counter remedies ("Gripe Water" and "Mylicon") and if that didn't work then he could prescribe something.

And I said, "What?  Theres's medicine for this?"
And he said, "Yes.  It's what we give colicky babies."
And I thought... well, if I tell you my child is in pain and you have the power to remove the pain then give me that power... dumba**.

So, on Thursday, after I didn't try the over the counter medicine because I wasn't going to buy 2 more useless medicines, Brian called the doctor and we got the prescription medicine.  We gave it to her and almost immediately she calmed down (I know it can't work that fast but it felt like it).  She still has gas, but she can now calmly pass it, without pain and without scrunching her face and body.

Brian and I were speculating why the doctor wouldn't just give me this from the beginning - why make me try the over the counter medicine.  I thought maybe it was because of side effects (the doctor told Brian that the side effects were nausea and headaches - I'll let you know if Chloe tells me she has any of these symptoms) but that didn't seem feasible.  And so I still don't know why the doctor wouldn't want to take away my daughter's pain, but I'm definitely happy it's gone now.

So, my whole point of this is that if you have a painfully gassy baby... there's medicine for that.  Ask for it!

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