Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Yesterday, when I asked Brian what he wanted to do for Father's Day all he said was "sleep in."  So, I tried.  I swear I tried.  I made sure Chloe fed early so that when Evan woke up I would get him.  And this worked.  Then Evan had a dirty diaper that I had to change or he was going to start feeling around in it and we went upstairs.  Once on the changing table Evan started showing off his new favorite thing - screaming as loud as he can a a decible so high that I'm surprised humans can even hear it.  Oddly enough, this woke up Brian so I made him French Toast, we gave him his gift of a customized photo frame, and he chose to go to the fountains for his morning.

Here is what it looked like (and excuse the crappy photos but unless someone wants to buy me a new camera for the Fourth of July or Evan's birthday or Labor Day... we are stuck with this one until my birthday in November or maybe even Christmas):

And of course Chloe was there as well:

Then we came home, put Evan down for his nap, Brian packed up and he was off to his office and then DC.  And I was alone with the two kids.  And, I think I did pretty well.  Chloe was awake while Evan slept.  Then she went to sleep and Evan woke up.  He and I had a snack, cleaned the sofas, made a fort, ate dinner, and almost had a bath but then Chloe woke up and needed to be fed.

Evan only had a minor meltdown when I put him to bed and I just got Chloe back to sleep.  Brian will land soon in DC and I'm on until Tuesday.  Thankfully Evan makes my job joy-filled (but not always easy).

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