Monday, June 20, 2011

One of My Perks

When I have to fill out forms (which thankfully isn't that often) under "Occupation" I put "Stay At Home Mom."  And like all jobs there are some parts of my job that aren't fun (like cleaning poopy diapers or being constantly ignored when you tell someone "no"), but I also have some perks.  Granted, my perks don't let me stay in a 5 star hotel or travel first class, but I think having a little man look at you with love and adoration and say "Momma" is a pretty good perk.

Since we have moved to this house I have a new and fabulous perk.  I get to eat breakfast every morning with my little man on our screened in porch.

Yesterday Monkey had French toast, strawberries, and milk (the cofffee is mine). 

He sat in his chair (which is odd since outside he usually sits on the table and gives me many heart attacks as he gets "this close" to falling off - and has fallen off a few times), used his fork, and shoveled in his food. 

While he ate, I got to enjoy the birds singing and the views:

Not bad for living in the middle of the city. 

Even though I had to make his breakfast, monitor his eating, and clean up afterwards, this is a perk I look forward to every morning (no matter how humid it is on a June morning in Atlanta.... and that would be VERY humid).

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