Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jane Goodall

I think being a mom is a lot like being Jane Goodall.

What?  Huh?  What could I possibly mean by that?  Well, I don't mean that you are looking at gorillas all day long.  But I do mean that you spend a lot of time watching non-verbal creatures act out behaviors and you try to assign some sort of meaning to those behaviors.

Take this for example:

To the untrained eye this just looks like a baby trying to crawl.  But not to me.  Nope, to me this is something entirely different.

Let's look at it a little differently.

Really, the secret is all in the left foot.  See how it is bent outward? This means he is not trying to crawl since his feet always stay under him when he crawls.  It also means he is not trying to stand since he gets up on his toes when he is trying to stand. 

Another important factor is that he is playing with his blocks (or the box the blocks came in).  He prefers to play with these when he is sitting.

What, you just had an eureka moment?  Well shout it out loud for everyone to hear.  Again, and try it a little louder - we are mostly paesans reading this thing and we can get loud (yes, go ahead and throw the stereotype flag... and then shout it out).
This is a photo of my baby try to get into a sitting position from his stomach.  I know, he is a genius (see the post from earlier today). 

Well, he is almost a genius.

See that gigantic orange arrow on his forehead.  It's pointing to a goose egg that my baby received when he was trying to get into a sitting position from his stomach and he face planted directly in to his blocks.
As for the little orange arrow.  That is a random red mark on his head.  He is so fair that his head gets covered in these things.  It's the way of the jungle... I know this because I am Jane Goodall.

On another note, the highlight of my day today was changing a stinkoppotomaus diaper in the back of my Prius in the Target parking lot.  I highly recommend a hatchback for any new moms.  It really comes in handy.

Enjoy your weekend.  Next week we need to chat about my doctor's appointment (I know, I never got around to it this week) and what I'll be doing Sunday... tune in next week.

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