Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drumroll Please....

And the new favorite toy is:

...this thing... it has no name.  When he is older, this thing gets legs and wheels attached to it and it becomes a walker.  I'm thinking Evan is just fine with it the way it is for right now.

He has figured out all of the toy's secrets.  He knows he can pull the shapes off from the green part and stuff them in his mouth.

He knows he can push the buttons inside the shapes and they will flash and make noise.

He LOVES the gears and just plays with them for hours (or minutes - if you hear the noise it feels like hours).

And he knows that pulling the barn door will let him play peek-a-boo with the ducks inside (and he knows that he can shove that barn door in his mouth for teething).
He hasn't yet become fascinated by the keyboard, but I'm waiting for that.  Oh yeah, and mommy hid the phone - it wasn't attached and he would bang it on the concrete and I had visions of plastic shards when the phone broke.  It was deemed unsafe.

Now let's address the pink elephant in the pictures... why is my baby just wearing a white onesie (or what my mother would refer to as an undershirt)?  Well, here is what I can tell you... this picture was taken in the morning before his bath.  I know this because the one thing my baby does consistently in the morning is poop.  And more importantly, he poops outside his diaper, usually all over his pajamas in whatever color he ate last night (this was a morning after carrots, use your imagination).  If this had been a morning I go to the gym (when he doesn't get a bath) I would have put him in his day clothes.  But, since he was going to have a bath, I put him in this onesie and let him roll around.  Then I bathed him and dressed him in his day clothes.

There, aren't you glad we dealt with that?

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