Saturday, April 30, 2011

Countdown (5 days to go)

There are very few surprises for us in this pregnancy.  We know the day that Chloe was conceived (when you are tracking your ovulation it isn't hard to figure out).  We know we are having a girl and we know the day she will be born (unless my body all the sudden decides that labor isn't such a bad idea).  And, this is exactly how I like it since I'm a firm believer that surprises are HIGHLY overrated.

But, there is one thing that will be a surprise and it is driving me crazy.  I can't wait to see who Chloe is going to look like.  Is she going to come out blonde haired (although barely there) and blue eyed like her brother or will she came out with a mess of black hair and green/hazel eyes like her mother or will she shock all of us and re-introduce the red hair of my mom's Irish ancestry?

Because the first time I saw Evan and he was almost bald, pale in hair, eyes, and skin, it was quite a shock.  I think I just assumed he would come out with dark hair. In fact, I asked Brian, again and again, if he was sure that he was with Evan every step of the way (since I was hanging out with the Pigs in Space).  And I continued to feel this way about him (confused about his origins) until recently when two things happened.

The first thing was that over Christmas my Aunt Jolyne gave my dad a DVD of old family movies (transferred from old reels).  The DVD included family moments all the way through my young childhood.  And at one point as I was watching me frolic I swear I was looking at a darker version of Evan.  It was really creepy.

The second thing happened when I was unpacking all of my albums recently.  I have an album of childhood photos that my mom gave to me a few years back.  I was flipping through and came across this photo:

(I have no idea who the little girl is with me or where we are but that is me on the right.)

And when I saw this photo it reminded me of one I had recently posted:

So, morale of the story, I can't wait to see Chloe and meet her in person.

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  1. just FYI, the other little girl is Debbie Shaming and your were in our kitchen on Merion Ave. - having a "snack" or tea-time, no doubt.