Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poignant Moment

I had this rather poignant moment happen the other day and as I explain it to you let's remember I'm pregnant and at the highly emotional stage so it may be more dramatic than it needs to be.

Monkey and I were walking down to the mailbox (like we do every day when it isn't raining) and a truck full of teenage boys drove past.  One of the boys was yelling something out the window.  The truck was loud so I couldn't hear what he was saying but I could tell it wasn't nice.  While I was getting annoyed with the boys, I saw my little son, out of the corner of my eye, waving and smiling at the boys.  And my heart almost broke.

It made me realize that someday Monkey's naivete will disappear and he will realize that not all people in this world are nice or kind.  It's not a lesson I really want to watch him learn.

This having kids thing is difficult in ways I never even imagined.

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  1. You're not over-reacting at all. Broke my heart just to read about it. Of course, I'm sure you'll raise Evan to be much more empathetic and evolved than those teenage neanderthals.