Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monkey Attachment and the Impending Addition

I have always been someone who forms strong attachments with inanimate objects.  My mother tells a story about an inconsolable 2 year old (this would be me) whose blankie was "misplaced" during a trip to visit friends.  I don't remember that incident, but I do remember when Mrs. Piggle Wiggle I (this would be my pillow for about 12 years) exploded.  I mean this literally.  I held on to a pillow for 12 years and when I was 16 years old I came home from school (with my boyfriend at the time which may be why my mother was spared a complete meltdown) and my mother ushered me to the washing machine.  She opened it up and when I peered in it was full of feathers and fabric.  The story I was told was that my cat had vomited on the pillow and when my mom attempted to wash it the pillow literally disintegrated in the washing machine.  I held back the tears to be cool in front of my boyfriend but I was devastated (and in case you are wondering, at 36 years old I'm currently sleeping with Mrs. Piggle Wiggle II... and yes, I've seen the talk shows about how often you should change your pillows).

Because of my attachments I've been waiting to see if Monkey would form anything strong and lasting with one of his belongings.  You may remember that for a while I thought Doggie was going to get the coveted spot of honor.  But after a couple of weeks he joined the rest of the stuffed animals in the stuffed animal bin and is only occasionally squealed over.

Then, we moved him for the third time in his short life and all the sudden Evan was holding tight to Lambie:

It started with Evan bringing Lambie with him out of the crib.  He would bring Lambie downstairs and then leave him somewhere.  At first, it didn't matter if Lambie was back in the crib for naps or night time.  And then that changed one nap.  I put him in his crib, he looked around and started to melt down.  I had to drag my pregnant behind up and down the stairs one more time to make sure Lambie was in the crib.  We have also made the next evolution... he tried to bring Lambie outside today.  I assume it was to play.  But Lambie is not allowed to leave this house... because I really like to sleep the 20 minutes a night I get.

Look at the joy this dirty old thing brings Evan (Brian swears when we bought Lambie he was bright white... now he is kind of a cream-dirty-smudged-chocolate-stained-loved-dirty-beast):

In a related note, I'm not sure if there is any correlation or not but as my belly gets bigger it is becoming harder and harder to keep that pacifier out of Evan's mouth. 

And speaking of Chloe... I went to my weekly appointment today and the consensus is that unless I'm some freak of medical nature we will be going forward with my c-section next Thursday (yes... next Thursday).  It appears that Chloe is quite comfortable where she is and is still transverse (lying across my belly).  Additionally my cervix is still closed and hard, there is no engagement, and I haven't had any contractions.  My doctor won't speculate about Chloe's size because it seems that just like with Evan my water is rather large (but this time I'm only carrying the fluid in my womb instead of all over my entire body).

It's weird, but this will be our last weekend as a 3-person family.  And honestly, my back is kind of okay with that.

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