Friday, March 25, 2011

A Tuesday in the Life...

(So, since another blog I follow is doing this thing where she is writing about what happens every day for one week I thought I would completely copy it... I like the concept.  However, she is way more organized than I am and actually posted her Tuesday post on Tuesday... crazy - huh?  I'm working on getting them all up.)

6:30 AM - I wake up and think about getting out of the chaise (bed is no longer an option for sleeping).  And decide to continue to snooze away even though Brian's alarm goes off every 8 minutes so snoozing isn't so easy.

6:55 AM - I convince myself to shower so someone can be ready to get Evan when he wakes up. 

7:15 AM - Evan starts making noises in his bedroom.  And no, I don't let it bother me that all he pretty much says in the morning is "Da-da"... I guess everyone has to have an idol.

7:30 AM - Evan gets his diaper changed and then he and I make it downstairs.  Evan gets milk, I take my synthroid, and we both sit down to watch Sprout for a couple of minutes while I figure out what to feed him.

7:45 AM - I decide to check my email.  Evan crawls up on the table and sits next to my computer.  He jabs at the screen making completely incoherent noises that somehow resemble a sentence.  This is new... and rather annoying.

8:00 AM - I decide I don't feel like cooking so Evan gets a mini banana nut muffin, Greek yogurt, and strawberries.  I eat some instant oatmeal.  Daddy comes down and leaves for work.

8:30 AM - All cleaned up from breakfast and back upstairs to change Evan's diaper (yes... again... he is very regular) and put him in real clothes for the day.  We spend some time playing the game of opening and closing doors (to protect the litter can cat food from Evan's hands and mouth) and back downstairs.

9:00 AM - Babysitter comes because I have an OB appointment.  Evan gets super excited because it's his favorite babysitter.  She plays with him outside non-stop.  The babysitter and Evan go outside to play on the swing set and I'm off to the OB.

9:35 AM - I arrive at the OB and wait in an obscenely long line to check-in (they have one office to check-in three different practices).  It's basically a line of a bunch of pregnant women with no chairs.

9:55 AM - I make it up to my Dr. and am late for my appointment.  But since it was their fault no one really cares.  I go urinate in a cup, step on the scale, and have my blood pressure taken (usual surprise at the fact that my blood pressure is so low - apparently medical professionals look at me and assume I have high blood pressure).  I get escorted in to the next waiting room where I wait for the doctor for only about 5 minutes until I go into the room.  It's a different doctor I'm meeting today (in case I actually go into labor they want me to meet a bunch of people) so a new nurse I've never met takes Chloe's heartbeat.  It's fabulous and the doctor comes in shortly.  Here is our entire conversation:

     Doctor:   How are you feeling.
     Me:        Good, no complaints.
     Doctor:   Do you have any questions?  I know you've done this before.
     Me:         Nope, nothing.
     Doctor:   So you have your c-section scheduled.... that's good.  Are you planning on getting your tubes tied?
     Me:        No.  You never know about a third.
     Doctor:  True.  It just wasn't indicated in your chart so I wanted to make sure someone asked you.

Then he told me to checkout.

10:15 AM - On my way to Target to pick up some stuff for the house.

11:30 AM - After spending way too much money at Target, I get back home.  The babysitter said Evan was a little out of sorts (probably from his shots) and she helped me get his lunch ready).

12:00 PM - Evan eats some stuffed shells left over and barely takes 2 bites.  He is crank-a-licious and the babysitter leaves.

12:30 PM - I put Evan down early since he is so cranky and out of it and eat my own lunch.

1:00 PM - Time to deep clean the master bathroom.  I wipe down the countertops and toilet and am amazed at how there is still construction dust.  I clean the shower and mop the floors.  I'm a sweaty mess but the bathroom is clean.

2:00 PM - Evan wakes up screaming.  I can't wait to spend time with him in the afternoon and decide we will go to the park after he has a snack.

2:15 PM - Evan has some water and goldfish.  He is so out of sorts that I just need to get him out of the house as soon as possible.  I pull some turkey pesto meatballs in sauce out of the freezer and let them defrost for his dinner while we go to the park.  I decide that since the babysitter has walked him to the park before that I can walk him as well.

2:45 PM - This was not a good idea.  I'm 32 weeks pregnant, out of shape, wearing non-walking shoes, and pushing a stroller uphill 1.5 miles in 80 degree weather to get to the park.  Evan is extremely happy.

2:50 PM - We arrive at the park and once I cool down I don't feel so bad.  We play there for quite a while.  There is an African-American lesbian couple there with their daughter and a Hispanic mother with her 2 sons.  And while I have the most fabulous memories of my childhood, the diversity at the park is the reason I wanted to live in the city and specifically in East Atlanta.

4:15 PM - We start the trek home.  About .4 miles in I'm not feeling well and Chloe is highly unhappy with me.  I know that when I get home I will have to call Brian to make sure he comes home "on time."  Evan, however, is very happy eating goldfish and drinking water as the King of the Stroller.

5:00 PM - We stumble into the house and I down 2 glasses of water after I refill Evan's water (such a mom, take care of the boy first).  Oh yes, did I mention I didn't bring anything to drink to the park in 80 degree weather?  Mostly because I'm used to this park on the weekends when the restroom is not available and I was terrified of being pregnant with a full bladder and trying to walk 1.5 miles home.  I rest on the couch while Evan watches Sprout.

5:15 PM - I rally enough to call Brian and tell him he needs to leave work soon to get home because I'm in no physical condition to be in charge of Evan alone and give him his bath (which is tough enough with my belly on a good day).

6:00 PM - I heat up Evan's meatballs (dinner is only an hour late for him but since he ate a snack so late he didn't complain) and he eats about 2 bites before he is all done.  Brian walks in the door and entertains Evan while I clean up from his dinner.

6:30 PM - Bath time.  Bath time is very serious.  Evan figured out how to turn on the faucet and the shower and basically plays in the tub for 15 minutes and then we wash him for 5 minutes.  During that 15 minutes the water is running almost constantly for his obsession with the shower or dunking his head/mouth under the faucet.  My water bill is going to be out of control but how can I take away this kind of happiness?

6:50 PM - Night time routine starts.  Brian gives Evan his high five and I put him to bed.

7:00 PM - The great dinner dance begins.  I was going to make tacos but the park totally got in my way.  We decide to order Chinese from a new place and it was amazingly good.

8:00 PM - I pick up the house, finish some laundry I started earlier that day, and get some email done. 

8:45 PM - I sit down to watch TV and relax with Brian.

11:00 PM - Bed time... in the chaise.

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