Monday, March 21, 2011

A Monday in the Life...

My mommy is feeling a little tired these days (something about a visitor in 6 weeks) so I'm taking over today's post.  I thought it would be neat to share with you what I did today.  Here goes:

7:30 AM: I heard mommy talking to daddy and thought it was time to tell them I was awake.  Then downstairs to watch Sprout and drink milk while mommy makes my breakfast (she doesn't look so pretty first thing in the morning but I love her anyway).

8:00 AM: Yummy - scrambled eggs with cheese and a hash brown.  Yeah, this is living.

8:30 AM: Mommy gets me dressed for the day.  It was warmish today so I had on long pants and a short-sleeve shirt.  Surprise surprise... my shirt had a monkey on it.  My mommy is a little obsessed with monkeys.  Then I got to play around the house for a little while.

9:15 AM:  Off to the pediatrician for my 18-month old checkup.  I have no idea what this means except that I get to be out of the house - yippee.

10:00 AM:  In the beginning the pediatrician wasn't so bad.  I got to stand on the big boy scale and up against the wall so they could mark my height.  Then a nice lady came in and she talked with mommy about me while I got to play with some toys.  Mommy said something about the recessive gene of lean and tall being rare in her family but I don't know what the heck she was talking about.*  Then the nice lady looked at my eyes, nose, ears, and in my diaper.  All was good... until... another lady came in and pretended to be nice to me.  Then she had me lay down and stuck four needles in me.  Yup, I cried, but not for very long. 

10:05 AM:  Mommy took me to the park so I could play for a little while.  I got to watch a little girl and little boy play superman on the swings.  Once I figure that all out, I'm definitely doing it.  I also got to go down the slide and hang out with some dogs.  Dogs say "voof voof", I'm not sure if you know that or not.

11:00 AM:  Off to the Dekalb Farmer's Market where we got to buy lots of fruits and vegetables.  I also got to try a mango and I totally convinced my mom** to buy mango and make it for me later. 

12:15 PM:  After I took a little nap in the car I was ready for some lunch.  My mommy cut up some strawberries (my favorite), some cheese, and half of a mini banana nut muffin for me.  I ate all of it and then I got to play for a little bit.

1:00 PM:  Even though I wasn't tired, my mommy made me go to sleep, or at least she made me go into my crib.  I decided to play for a little while and didn't fall asleep until about 2:00 PM.  And even though I was kind of loud my mommy never came and looked in on me.  I guess this was my time.

3:30 PM:  I decided enough of this crib stuff and made it loud and clear I wanted out.  Mommy came to get me and she gave me a snack and some water.

4:00 PM:  I helped mommy clean upstairs.  First we put away the toys in my room.  Then we folded some laundry, and finally we swept the hallway.  Mommy does this funny thing when she sweeps, she puts all the dirt in a pile.  I don't understand it so I help her out by sweeping it all back on the floor.

4:30 PM: Mommy took me outside so we could play this fun game.  I got to paint.

First I used some water and painted the patio:

Thankfully it was only water because I spilled the bowl but mommy said it was no big deal.

Then I decided to play drums for a little bit.

Finally, I felt it was important to paint the outside of our screened in porch... you know, to entertain the kitties locked inside.

5:15 PM: Mommy made stuffed shells with spinach, mushrooms, and ricotta cheese.  I ate two shells, cucumber, and some focaccia bread.  It was yummy in my tummy.

5:45 PM:  As a surprise Daddy came home (he usually works late on Monday nights but he wanted to see us).  I walked to get the mail with mommy and then I hung out with daddy while he changed from his suit to some casual clothes. 

6:00 PM:  Mommy and daddy decided to eat dinner.  I just wasn't feeling myself (I have a lot of pain right now, between teething and four shots, so give me a break) and I admit I was a bit of a pain while they ate.  I tried to crawl up on the table a few times and then when I didn't get my way I would bang my head.  I also did some other things but who knows what.

6:15 PM:  Mommy sat on the floor with me and read a book.  We also played this game where mommy hides a ball under one of three cups and I have to find the ball.  It's a lot of fun.  My mommy is a genius.

6:30 PM:  Daddy went back to work and mommy and I watched some TV.   There is a show on Nick Jr that I like - it has a lot of singing and dancing.

6:55 PM:  Mommy took me upstairs, put on my pajamas and put me to bed.  I cried just to let her know I wasn't tired and then I feel right asleep.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

*Evan is in the 25th percentile for weight and the 89th percentile for height.  While I get the height (his father is tall) I don't get the leanness at all.  But, his growth curve is on target and he eats a lot so no one is worried.  The only problem is that he is too tall for 12 month pants but his waist is too small for 18 month pants.  So he either wears floods or adopts the urban pants-below-the-butt style.

**By "convincing" we mean screaming, grunting, and pointing.  He may not talk yet but he sure knows how to communicate.

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  1. I can't believe little Chloe arrives in only 6 more weeks. Does Evan understand enough to be excited about his sister? Looks like the weather is ATL is getting really nice. You're so going to enjoy that screened in porch. Unlike TX, it actually cools off at night in the rest of the South. Hope you get to spend many pleasant evenings on the porch this summer with a glass of wine.
    P.S. Tell Evan I vote for baggy, butt bearing pants. So ATL!