Friday, March 18, 2011

Evan's New Obsession

For Christmas this past year, Brian's parents wanted to get Evan a swing set.  So, on a visit they made to Atlanta in January, off we all went to King of Swings to check out their play sets.  Now, I try really hard not to use names of businesses in this blog unless there is nothing bad I can say about them... and with King of Swings there is NOTHING bad I can say about them.  Not only did they have amazing a la carte options for the swing sets, not only was the owner the sales person so he was extremely knowledgeable but they installers were amazing.

Let me tell you how amazing the installers were.  They were scheduled to come this past Tuesday (March 15) to install the swing set.  You might remember from my previous post that my yard was torn up on Monday to try and fix the drainage issues in time for the install.  However, everyone was kind of lackadaisical about getting things finished on Monday because it was schedule too rain and rain and rain on Tuesday and we all assumed there would be no installation. 

So, Tuesday morning rolls around and it has been raining for about 6 hours by 9am when my phone rings.  It's the installers for the swing set to let me know they were running a little late due to the rain and traffic.  I warned them that my backyard was a mud pit and they said it shouldn't be a problem.  So, out they came in their hoodie sweatshirts and shorts (it was also super cold that day) and smiled the entire time (to me at least) while they took 2 hours to install the swing set.  At the end I offered them hot chocolate and they cheerfully told me they didn't need it.  This is the best service we've had yet with this build!

And so, today... 3 days after the rain... is the first day where it has been dry enough and cleaned up enough for Evan to go out and play.  Up until now he has been standing at our back door pointing at the swing set through the glass and screaming.  It's been an evil tease to an 18 month old.

Here are some photos of his happiness as Daddy supervises:

 (Yeah, he doesn't need any help going up that ladder... just a spotter)

 (Out of everything, this is his favorite part so far.  He'll sit there for hours.)

And at one point, Daddy thought it would be a good idea to get up in the "fort" with Evan.  However, he didn't really think through how to get down:

If you want to see more photos of Evan and his swing set, you can take a look at them here.

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  1. adorable...even Daddy coming down the slide with that look on his face:)